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Caring for your Pads

use clothes pins to hang dry reusable sanitary pads

How do I wash my cloth sanitary pads?

  • Rinse thoroughly following use
  • wash within 24-48 hours, or cold soak until the end of your period (changing the water daily).
  • wash in a decent wash cycle (at least one hour), using your normal washing powder combination
  • Wash in a cool or cold wash, 30c or lower (higher temperatures may lead to fabric fading and some shrinkage)
  • Leave to air dry, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY

Do I need to wash my reusable cloth sanitary pads by themselves or can I chuck them in the machine with everything else?

You may wash them separately if you choose, but there is really no reason you can’t wash your cloth pads with the rest of your laundry. The small amount of blood that comes off the pad will not contaminate your other clothes.
reusable sanitary pads will not contaminate your clothes in washing machine