reusable period product brand founder


Fialuna founder, Dominique Gaspar has long been an advocate of organic period products. Knowing that conventional disposables contained harsh chemicals and fragrances, Dominique used organic disposables for many years. She’d heard of reusable sanitary pads and had been meaning to try them for a long time, but had never quite got around to it. In 2016, Dominique discovered “period pants” and in 2018 finally got around to trying reusable sanitary pads and menstrual cups. Dominique tried many brands and styles of pads, but felt the industry was a little behind the times. Many styles and patterns were a bit “out there” which felt a bit like saying reusable sanitary pads are for people that are a bit “out there”. Menstrual cups seem to be gaining popularity more quickly which is fantastic. The reality is: reusable sanitary products are for everyone. They are comfortable, easy to use and work well. They do not contain the harsh chemicals found in conventional disposables and they do not need to be thrown away after one use.

Dominique is passionate about spreading the word on reusable period products. Its unbelievable to her that in 2019 we are still exposing our vulva to all these chemicals and in many cases putting them into our vaginas. We have better options that are healthier for our bodies and healthier for the environment.

reusable sanitary pad product designer and founder Dominique Gaspar