How to use your Menstrual Cup


Step 1: Before each menstrual cycle, sanitize your cup by boiling it in water for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Wash your hands thoroughly. Always wash your hands before and after inserting and removing your menstrual cup.

Step 3: Fold your cup. There are many ways to fold your cup. Three common folds pictured below are the C fold, 7 fold and Punch Down fold. Relax and squat down. Using one hand to spread your labia, use the other hand to slowly insert the cup into your vaginal canal. The cup should open as you insert it and will form a seal inside your vagina below your cervix. You can leave your cup in for a MAXIMUM of 12 hours.


C Fold      7 Fold      Punch Down Fold


Step 4: Remove your cup (wash your hands first) by squatting down and inserting your thumb and forefinger inside your vagina. Pinch just above the stem to break the seal and pull down carefully to avoid spilling.

Step 5: Empty your cup into the toilet or sink and rinse with clean, potable water and mild soap. If you don’t have access to potable water, you may use a clean paper towel or a clean washable wipe.

Step 6: Use again following the steps above or clean and store for your next cycle. You do not need to sanitize by boiling between each use, but you should between each cycle.

If you have any medical concerns about using your menstrual cup, please consult your doctor.