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Building your Stash

One of the first questions you will be asking yourself when you decide to use reusable cloth pads is: what do I need?


You’ll need a selection of pads to get you through your period. The number of pads needed will depend on your flow and how often you plan to wash them. Many people start with just a few pads and then build their stash from there buying 1 or 2 every month or so. Because of the initial cost, this can make it more affordable if you don’t have the funds to buy them all at once. That's one of the reasons, we offer a subscription service for pads and other reusable period products.

Here is a rough guide of what you will need:

Mini Pads

These are our version of a pantyliner. They have a top layer, one layer of absorption and a waterproof backing. These are good for light spotting days or every day discharge. If you want to wear one everyday and don’t want to have to wash them often, we recommend about 6 (this is 2 a day for washing every 3 days or 1 a day for 6 days). If you can wash more frequently or think you will only need them for 1-2 days of spotting 2-3 may be sufficient. These pads are very thin and will dry very quickly. You may be able to give them a quick handwash at the end of the day and dry them overnight depending on your drying facilities.

Midi & Maxi Pads

Our midi and maxi pads have the same number of layers of absorbency but they are different lengths. The maxi pad holds more fluid simply because it’s a slightly bigger/longer pad. Starting with one of each will help you decide which one works better for you. You can purchase additional inserts which you slide into the top of the pad for additional absorbency. Ultimately, the number of pads you need depends on your flow and wash routine. If you are struggling to decide, please contact us.


When you are finished using your pad, you’ll need to put it somewhere before it can be washed. For most people, this will be inside a wetbag. A wetbag is a waterproof bag used for storing soiled pads (or reusable wetwipes or reusable nappies if you use those things too!). You will definitely need one of these if you are planning to change your pads outside of the house (this applies to most people!). When you go to change your pad, you simply pop the soiled pad in your wetbag. Once you get home you, you can either keep it in the wetbag or rinse it and store in a bucket of cold water.

Laundry accessories

Which brings us to laundry accessories. In addition to a wetbag, you may want some kind of bucket for cold soaking your pads and you may also want a mesh laundry bag for washing them.

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