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Tips for Inserting your Menstrual Cup


It can take anywhere from 1-3 cycles to fully get the hang of your new menstrual cup. If you don't get it the first time, be patient. Here are some tips for inserting your new cup.


If you are not relaxed, your vaginal muscles are going to tighten up and this is going to make inserting your cup more difficult. Give yourself plenty of time and privacy.

Fold your cup

You need to fold your menstrual cup in such a way as to create a smaller point of insertion. At Fialuna, we recommend trying the punchdown fold first. It’s easy to make, easy to hold and provides a smaller point of insertion than other folds. If this fold doesn’t work for you, there are several to try including the C-fold and Seven Fold.


Inserting your cup while you are in the shower means you don't have to worry about mess and you can try a few different folds and positions to see what works for you.


Try a few different positions to see what is easiest for you. We recommend starting with these:

  • Full squat down
  • One leg up
  • Standing bend


If you are in the shower you can try using the water as lubricant. So run your cup under the water and give it a quick shake. It’s not necessary, but if you need a little extra help you can also try a silicone safe lubricant.

Opening you cup

Once you have your cup inside you, you’ll need it to open up. It may have done this automatically as you inserted, but you may also need to move it around a bit to get it to open. If your cup is not open all the way. It will leak. To check your cup has opened, run your finger around the bottom. It should feel bulbous and as though there are no creases. If it hasn't opened, try twisting it around to see if it will open on it's own. You can also take it out and reinsert trying different methods until you find one that works for you.

If you are struggling with insertion and/or getting your cup to open, please contact us at for assistance or pop over to our private Facebook Support Group.

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