Menstruation Conversation #freeperiodstories

This week period poverty activist, Amika George and the Digital Fairy launched a new campaign to end period shame and stigma. It’s called Free Period Stories. We all have a period story! In fact, I’m sure we have more than one. I’ve had my period for 25 years now so I certainly have a few up my sleeve (just like that tampon you’ve put there as you are too embarrassed to just carry it in your hand!).

Amika George has successfully helped spearhead the fight against period poverty. The government has now pledged to provide free period products in schools across England in large part to due to the pressure of her Free Periods campaign. However, George says the conversation about periods "has to keep going”.

"From a young age, we've been told to whisper about them, say as little as possible on the subject to anyone, even our friends. We deal with them alone," she says.

"We need to change the narrative that they are gross, and that periods are not something for discussion in a public space."

The Free Period Stories campaign is a bit like the Ice Bucket Challenge (but not as icy!), the idea is that you upload a video of yourself telling your own period story and then nominate 3 friends to share theirs next. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a video, you can simply write your story down. Might not work so well on twitter though unless it’s a really short story!

So without further ado, here is my period story…. What’s yours?





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