End Period Poverty Fabric Drive

Fialuna has organised a fabric drive in support of period poverty charity Freedom4Girls to take place during this year’s Environmenstrual week of action, October 12 – 19. In 2017, The Women’s Environmental Network (Wen) founded an Environmenstrual Coalition which is made up of over 50 organisations and campaigners (including Fialuna) that have been leading a revolution for healthy eco-friendly menstrual products to be used by all. As part of the campaign, the Week of Action will take place and many different events will be held to encourage women and people who menstruate to try reusable or plastic-free menstrual products and to raise awareness on the issues associated with plastic pollution from period products.

Fialuna wants to encourage #PlasticFreePeriods and raise awareness of the issues that plastic from period products has on the environment, human health and period justice. We believe that plastic-free periods are for everyone, not just those who can afford to purchase cloth pads and menstrual cups. That’s why we support Freedom4Girls.

Freedom4Girls is a small, but growing, UK-registered charity fighting period poverty. They actively support women and girls in both the UK and worldwide, who struggle to access safe menstrual products by offering not just disposable period products, but also environmentally-friendly, washable re-usables and menstrual cups. As a small charity, they rely exclusively on donations and volunteers to get help to those in period poverty. Fialuna has organized this fabric drive to support Freedom4Girls Cloth Pad Making Workshops which are run every month. The Fabric Drive works in much the same way as a food drive, but instead of donating food, we are asking for fabric donations. If you have a stash of fabric you aren’t using at home, please have a rummage through and consider donating. Otherwise, please feel free to purchase fabric to donate.

Fabric Needed

  • 100% Woven Cotton. Ideally in bright, patterned, stain-hiding colours or brushed cotton in any colour/pattern
  • Poly Cotton – woven blends in any colour/pattern.

Please make your donation by dropping or mailing to the following locations between Oct 12 - 19:

Drop off Points:

Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

Kirkgate Centre
39A Kirkgate
BD18 3EH


Mail Donations to:

Fialuna Limited

P.O. Box 353


BD18 3LP

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