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7 MORE Reviews about Reusable Sanitary Pads

Last month, we provided our fans with 7 honest reviews about using reusable sanitary pads. We know how much everyone loves a good review so here we have for your 7 MORE reviews of reusable sanitary pads.

We hope by providing those of you on the fence about using reusable sanitary pads that you’ll be swayed to give them a try. They really are life changing!

Here’s what 7 more people have to say about using reusable sanitary pads:

emma reviews reusable sanitary pads

Review #1

I've had a great experience with cloth sanitary pads. I've found them much more comfortable than disposables and feel fresher. Washing them isn't an issue - I just leave them to soak them in water and when I have a few I put them in the wash with other items such as bedding or sheets. I switched more for health issues as disposables were causing irritation but now understand the environmental benefits and also cost benefits from switching. I wouldn't want to go back to using disposables.

Emma, Sheffield

Review #2

I switched to cloth as I’d heard it reduced menstrual cramps and the severity of a cycle. I suffered with heavy painful periods so anything I could do to help would be beneficial to me. Switching to cloth has reduced my cramps & my periods are now a lot lighter. I was so impressed by the results... I love all the different fabrics, they’re so much comfier than disposables & so much better for us as they’re not full of nasty chemicals!! I wish I had known sooner as I have spent years in agony for no reason. I have an 11 year old daughter and she has decided she wants to use cloth when the time comes... I recommend cloth to everyone and think everyone should be given the knowledge & choice to use cloth.

Kimmy, Lincolnshire

alice reviews reusable sanitary pads

Review #3

I love that my periods are now waste free and so much more enjoyable. No irritation from tampons or disposable towels.

Alice, Wales

Review #4

I started using cloth pads as maternity pads after the birth of my second child, and once my periods restarted I continued. I also use period pants, but I find the pads are more absorbent. I have quite short periods, with medium flow, and I find the pads absorb as much if not more than a disposable pad (but probably a bit less than a tampon). I also use cloth nappies as am quite used to washing stuff that others find a bit gross, but the pads I just rinse and stick in with the nappies or a normal wash. Really isn't any bother, and they just feel nicer - mentally/intellectually because I know they will be reused but also physically. Highly recommend.

Beck, West Yorkshire

zoe reviews reusable sanitary pads

Review #5

I switched [to reusable sanitary pads] due to environmental [reasons] and lifetime cost. I'd read that it may mean my periods become lighter and shorter but [in my opinion] this would just be a bonus. After reading more into what's in disposables, it made even more sense to make the swap... From my first period using them I loved them, comfier to wear and the bonus was true, my periods became lighter and shorter. Can't recommend enough to everyone!

Zoe, Manchester

Review #6

I was so skeptical about cloth pads when I heard about them. I thought they sounded unhygienic and messy and just a tad too crunchy for me. Despite this, I used cloth nappies with my daughter and at some point made the connection that it was ridiculous to use reusables for her, for all the right reasons of convenience and ethics and cost, and not for me! I actually made my first ones and they turned out really well. Immediately I noticed how much comfier they are, how I wasn’t remotely irritated, how much more absorbent they are. I have since bought more from retailers online and have stash of about 8 which is plenty. I now use a cup with a light cloth pad as back up. I don’t remember the last time I bought disposable sanitary products. Even after my son was born, it was cloth, the idea of putting perfumed plastics and synthetics against a very wounded and traumatised area of my body felt so wrong! I think most importantly, moving away from disposables has changed my perception of my periods. Before, with disposables, my periods were almost a medical event that needed to be dealt with quickly and with very little acknowledgment. Lots of shame and denial. Well, now it’s something familiar and is a part of my life… It has helped me destigmatise periods for my daughter and she looks forward to the day she can pick out her own pads.

Laura, East Anglia

Review #7

I switched [to reusable sanitary pads] as I’m worried about the amount of plastic we use every month. I’m glad I changed. Once you buy them, that’s it, you don’t have to spend on pads again. They are easy to clean; I just pop the dirty pads in a bucket of pre wash detergent and water and they stay ther until it’s time to do the laundry. There’s no faffing. I wish I had changed over years ago…

Pauline, South Yorkshire

And there you have it. Seven more real life accounts of making the switch to reusable sanitary pads. Ready to make the switch? Check out our line of reusable sanitary pads here.

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If you need help choosing which pads are right for you, check out our Guide and FAQs pages or drop us an email at

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