7 Honest Reviews of Reusable Sanitary Pads

A recent survey by Fialuna found that 100% of reusable sanitary pad users would recommend them to a friend! Yup. We surveyed over 100 people using reusable sanitary pads and all of them think their friends would like them. That said, you are reading this because you are still not 100% convinced. That’s ok. We get it. It’s a big change. You’ve been using disposable products for your period protection for your entire life and these reusable pads are a big change and a big investment.

We know that a big deciding factor in new purchases is reviews. If you are anything like me, you decide you might want to buy something and one of the first things you look for is reviews. We thought we would help you out by providing some real life reviews of reusable sanitary pads. That’s right, the nitty gritty, down and dirty truth about using reusable sanitary pads.

Here are 7 honest reviews about reusable sanitary pads:

Review #1

I switched after seeing other women rave about them, there’s such a wide variety available which can be customised to suit me and my needs. It took a while to get used to what cleaning/storing/rinsing/washing method works best as everyone has different tricks but it gets easier to figure out and it doesn't have to be all at once, starting with them at home is a great way to get used to wearing them! There is such a welcoming community with these products too which I love as everyone has amazing advice and can share their experience.

Erin, Scotland

Review #2

I switched to washable sanitary pads after years of general discomfort and unhappiness using disposables. I used washable nappies with my babies to reduce the impact on the environment but I didn’t realise washable sanitary products existed. After trying out a [menstrual cup] and getting on with it I looked more into it. I have pretty standard periods & haven’t found switching difficult at all. I use liners during the day & some super long heavy duty pads at night, they’re soft & comfy & I genuinely have no issues using them. They don’t smell, rustle or cause irritation. I rinse after use then store in a wet bag until the next wash is going on. As I use a cup with the liners, I don’t need/have loads… so it hasn't been a huge financial shock either. I couldn’t recommend switching over enough, just try & few different pads & see how you go. It makes me happy to think how many disposables I am not contributing to landfill now & my pads will go on for a long time before I need to replace them!

Cat, Kent

Review #3

I decided to try [reusable sanitary pads] for environmental reasons and have found them so much better than disposable. They feel so much more comfortable, as they are made of fabric they feel like wearing nothing and don't rub or move like the plastic of disposables. I would never go back to those now. If you are considering [reusable sanitary pads] I can’t recommend them enough, easy to wash - just put in with your regular wash cycle.

Emily, Isle of Wight

Review #4

I switched to cloth sanitary pads after having my first baby as I felt our consumption, waste and impact on the planet significantly increased! I use them more as protective liners with a menstrual cup, but find them very comfortable and easy to wash/use. Especially as I mostly use them as a liner, the waste for plastic liners/pads just felt ridiculous. I’ve been using cloth for 2 years now and would really recommend them to anyone. The reduction in waste is huge.

Amelia, Yorkshire

esther reviews reusable sanitary pads

Review #5

I was initially unsure if cloth pads would be hard work and smelly, so was a little sceptical. However, after ordering my first pads… I have not looked back. I have never used a disposable since. They are more comfortable, hold more fluid, don’t need to be changed as often and I have never leaked at night. My period pains are less and my flow is much more predictable. I am surprised how much I love my cloth pads. Give it a try.

Esther, South West

laura reviews reusable sanitary pads

Review #6

My cycles could last 10-12 days [and were] extremely heavy and painful. Since switching to [reusable sanitary pads], I can now use regular pads rather than the super heavy I was using and my cycle only lasts a few days. The irritation from disposable pads was also horrific and I would regularly have to go to the GP for cream to soothe the rash; now I don’t get it at all! I have sensory processing issues so periods were a huge issue for me but now it is much better as it feels much more comfortable.

Laura, England

sam reviews reusable sanitary pads

Review #7

I wish I had known years ago how easy [reusable sanitary pads] are to use. Despite being unconvinced about what I had read about shorter periods[,] mine have now gone [down] from 5 to 2 days. I have very heavy gushy periods so interlabial pads have made a big difference… I also.. use cloth panty liners as needed throughout the month… I like the environmental aspect and my daughter who hasn't started her period yet wants to use cloth.

Sam, UK

And there you have it. Seven real life accounts of making the switch to reusable sanitary pads. Ready to make the switch? Check out our line of reusable sanitary pads including our 5 star reviewed Mini Pads here.

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